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Welcome to the Claw Team's website.

2011 Maryland State Championship
team together with trophy after state competition
2012 FLL world open

About FIRST LEGO League

The Claw Team is a FIRST LEGO League team at the School of the Incarnation in Gambrills, Maryland, US. We named ourelves after Toy Story's little green aliens. We participate in FIRST LEGO League (fll) Competitions which consist of building and programing LEGO Mindstroms to do "missions", making and presenting a presentation to judges about the current years theam, along with a technical presentation where we explain about our robot design and some of our programs to some of the judges. For a more detailed explaination on the competition and details on this years theme and challenges, please visit This year, our team won champions award the regional and Maryland state competition. Now, after we raise enough money, we are going to compete in the National Invitational in Florida

Our team history

Our team was founded in the year 2010 after one of our members, Matt, and our coach, (Bill, his dad) made their way through the snowstorm of 2009 to UMBC just to watch the FLL MD state championships. After seeing this, Matt decided he wanted to create his own FLL team and compete in these competitions. He started our team in 7th grade in 2010 at our school with a grant from Eaton (Eaton, paving the way for the future) Eaton is an engineering company, we also got a laptop from Howery. We currently have 6 members: Jack, Matt, Austin, Marlette, Daniel, Jennifer, and John (goes by Jack). At our first regional competition in 2011, we had been working together to prepare for this competition all year, we got second place in the robotics performance part of the competition but during the award cerimony, they anounced the teams that would go on and unfortunately we weren't listed. Later though, our team got a call saying that there was a mistake and we had made it to states. We were very happy and got to work imediately hoping to do great in the competition. We designed a new and more stable robot, new attatchments, and new, more complicated programs. In the end, we got an almost perfect score, winning us a first place trophy for robot performance and we even got a first place trophy for robotic design. We hope to do great this year too.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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